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Caress Wellness and Day Spa, the Holistic Way...

At Caress Wellness and Day Spa we practise the Holistic Approach to Skin Health, Nutrition, Stress, Depression, Strains, Pains, Allergies, Headaches, Mood Swings, Hot Flushes, Tiredness and Weariness and so much more...
The holistic approach to health seeks to enhance life rather than dissect illness.  The holistic approach intends to strengthen the body in order to keep us healthy rather than remedy a symptom of a disease.  All Alternative, Natural, and/or Traditional therapies can be practised in health to avoid sickness.  

As is our strap line and a firm belief Wellness Begins with Happiness and of course this comes from within.  This also resonates with the concept of what you put in is what you get out...   At Caress Wellness and Day Spa we will advise and help you discover what is best for you, including Skin Health, Bodywork, Home Care Products, Nutrition, and may even assist you in finding further therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Kinesiology.  Your Holistic Wellness is our purpose and passion.

Skin Health
Taking care of your skin for tomorrow is an important part of what we do at Caress Wellness and Day Spa.  We focus on offering the very best in Natural Skin Care.  We insist that all products used in our centre are not harmful to humans or animals and therefore ensure that No product in our centre is tested on Animals.   TheraVine, being a product that we proudly showcase, is not only a local South African product, but an award winning Natural, Botanical and Organic Solution to Skin Health.  TheraVine excludes the use of any harmful alcohols, petrochemical, artificial fragrances and colorants. In addition, TheraVine ensures that all ingredients are from eco-safe sources and are packaged in recyclable containers.  Products found at Caress Wellness and Day Spa, appeal to the purist and science seeker alike, by ensuring the products we serve offer outstanding product performance with luxury.

Massage Therapy
A Massage a week can turn the meek into the mighty.  Just as you would go to the gym to keep yourself fit, so you should consider a weekly visit to Caress Wellness and Day Spa for a massage which will keep you emotionally, physically and mentally Fighting Fit.
We specialise in both Therapeutic Massage Therapy and Relaxation Massage... Wondering what the difference is..?  Firstly let me say this, all massage is therapeutic, as being touched in a positive way to be helped or healed is in itself therapeutic.  The difference in actual fact comes through the reason we seek massage.   Relaxation Massage is just that, for relaxing, calming the body, mind, and emotions, nurturing and distressing. This type of massage can also be seen as maintenance, specifically within the holistic approach, practise relaxation massage in health to avoid illness.

Therapeutic Massage focuses on specific ailments and corrects physical problem pain or dysfunction. This clinical session ideally follows a therapy plan that the therapist will develop and advise on.  Clinical/Therapeutic Massage is not on going, once the specific problem has been resolved or healed, one can move over to Relaxation Massage for maintenance and wellbeing.
Caress Wellness and Day Spa offers Acupressure, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Body Stress Release... to name just a few.  Our therapists are qualified, experienced with exceptional talent...

As mentioned earlier, what we put into our bodies is vital, and at Caress Wellness and Day Spa one of our trained experienced therapists can consult with you on Nutrition and overall Wellness.  We offer nutrition assessments and advise, offering solutions with Herbalife products for wholesome healthy nutrition.  A tried and tested World renowned product for weight loss and general nutrition, Herbalife offers the right balance for your body.  We also stock the SevenPointFive vitamin and mineral system, prescribed by Homeopaths around the country and White River’s very own Dr Joanne York (Who Consults from Caress Wellness and Day Spa twice a week).   In addition, to our in-store variety of nutritional supplements, which now include Windrose Aromatherapy Oils, You can find a link on our website to Feel Good Health, an online shop for Natural Homeopathic Remedies and solutions.

Pamper Therapy
The services of a Caress Wellness and Day Spa Therapist do not stop there... Now that we have you feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle, we offer pure Pamper Therapy.  We all know a little pampering can make us feel on top of the world and Caress Wellness and Day Spa closes the divine loop between the therapy of a facial or a massage to the feel good of having your nails done. Grooming, Facials, Body Scrubs, Hair treatments,  Manicures and Pedicures .... We will have you looking as great as you feel...

At Caress Wellness and Day Spa, It’s all about YOU... YOUR Lifestyle, YOUR Health, YOUR Beauty, YOUR Needs.

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