In designing and making clothes, some believe that simplicity combined with flair is an oxymoron but it works for me. I can't imagine myself reinventing the wheel in fashion.
My projects have been worlds apart in diverse cultures and dynamics but I believe that a creative eye is always able to harness any design possibilities.

I believe that there are patterns and design systems everywhere in nature. The essence of fashion design is visualizing and identifying the systems and patterns found in nature and then translate them onto the appropriate fabric!
At WearJo we offer a holistic service to our customers in that we are not the typical walk-in, choose an item and walk out the store. We advise and match your body to an outfit, match accompanying shoes, scarves, handbags, and accessories that compliment your qualities.

We offer qualified and honest advice helping you to confidently stride and strut your stuff in our quality clothing. We view our customer as an individual with specific qualities and requirements and identify the appropriate outfit for them.
We do not sell clothing... we sell confidence, we sell the best you, we sell a pleasurable and enduring experience.
We believe you are a woman...you are beautiful...every one of you!
Love Jo
Wear Jo is a boutique with a distinct international flair in design and tastes. European,  North American and other international flavours set us apart in the Mpumalanga area.
Contact Information:
066 229 7200

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