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Sue San Giorgio: 082 482 0740
Or Kate Barnett: 082 900 1453




Welcome to Simply Slowveld where you can chill down to a Slowveld state of mind while exploring our laid back, authentic, unique local store. Simply Slowveld is a vibrant and fun outlet which personifies the phrase ‘shopping at leisure’.
Offering exclusive, well designed, top quality fashion and accessories for men, women and kids at incredible prices makes Simply Slowveld a must-stop destination when visiting the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre situated in the laidback holiday town of White River.

Our comprehensive range speaks for our brand, which is renowned for inspiring all those that walk through our doors. Our distinctive range is made up of a variety of comfortable styles and trends and includes signature T-shirts and hoodies as well as exclusive apparel such as branded caps, socks and even jocks for your Goggo & Tannie or Bro and Babe, and let’s not forget your nippers, tots and teens. We have it all.  Available exclusively at our Flagship Store overlooking the main courtyard.
We create a selective, locally produced, refreshing lifestyle range, at Simply Slowveld, and we pride ourselves on its exceptional quality. Customer satisfaction is also a top priority and is the reason that as you walk through our doors, you will instantly feel like a member of the Simply Slowveld tribe! 

Live the Good Life and love your tribe.

Hours of trading:
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16h30
Saturday 9:30 to 15:00
Sundays and Public Holidays 09:30 to 14:00
Closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day
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