Everything about chocolate exists in people's minds and hearts: romance, fantasy, decadence, sensuality, indulgence, pleasure and anticipation.

Imagine a world of five kilogram chocolate slabs, fine pralines, soulful music, gorgeous gifts, hand-tied ribbons, and warm melted chocolate. Smell, see, listen, taste, and touch chocolate.

Shautany Chocolatiers reminds one of the sweet shops you went into as a child where you pointed at the glass jars and said, "I’ll have that one please". Glass display cabinets abound with locally handcrafted Belgian and Swiss chocolates, while shelves are laden with pure cocoa chocolate bars and exquisite gifts. The ultimate chocolate fantasy begins...

Chocolate is synonymous with relaxation and childhood dreams, and is emerging as a new global culture. Shautany encourages a new way to love chocolate that is as appealing as appreciating the traditions of fine wines and coffees. The seduction of chocolate on all human senses is irresistible. This ceremony of chocolate tasting is enhanced by a casual, easy, ambience of intimate excitement.

Shautany is the new chocolate culture: sexy, nostalgic, and forever an object of fantasy for children and grownup children.

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